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I can’t wait until the Bev. Hills Housewives. Then I’ll have stuff to rant about. (:

Saturday June 25th
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I can hardly make anything out on this part of the reunion. |:
Alexis and Gretchen need to shut up and stop talking at the same time.

Monday June 13th
lol, if Tamra just told Vicki that Jeana tried to throw her in the pool, then I’m really starting to doubt whether or not Simon really threw a leash at her.

'she pused me and I threw the drink at her?'

'she tried to throw me in the pool'.

… threw a letter in her face and put your hand right in her face and so she stepped forward and said, ‘I will throw your skinny ass in the pool’.
That doesn’t mean she tried to, Tamra.

Stop twisting words around.

Your friends approached her and told her to apologize, it’s their fault. Don’t cause a scene.
You’re a grown up, okay? Okay.

Is Gretchen kissing ass right now…? What?!

Orange County Housewives lack class this season.

On the other side of tonight’s episode.. I think Jeana needs to mind her own business.
At the same time, though, I feel like in prior seasons they were close so maybe Jeana thought this was an opportune moment to get back into her life and advise her like an old friend or something? I don’t know, but she was still in the wrong.

I just found it really hard to watch this season with Gretchen’s immaturity and Tamra being trashy with her younger man.
I’m ready for the reunion, though. Bring it on, Bravo.

Monday June 6th
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New Jersey.

I’m really proud of Teresa this season. She actually didn’t explode like I would have expected her to. Her brother, on the other hand, took things too far.
Teresa actually did turn and walk away. She may have been a little loud, but she didn’t insult anyone or anything. She questioned the situation. Walked away. He banged on the table. She said, ‘whateva’, whateva” and then the husbands had at it.

The cousin.. needs to stay out of it.

Melissa… is possibly the new Danielle, right?

The Kims.. went from kissing Teresa and the others asses last season, to kissing Melissa’s and talking smack about Teresa.
I think they’re just drama queens craving airtime on the show.

This season is going to be great. I hope things turn around for Teresa.

Sunday May 29th
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Beverly Hills Housewives

All the original Beverly Hills Housewives are returning?
Bring it on.

I can’t wait to see if Lisa gets her head out of Kyle’s butt long enough to be on my good side again.
I always liked Lisa. I thought she was great. She saw Taylor as I see her, but I think she’s too fond of Kyle to ever let it get to her, too much.
After the first season’s finale, I’m not sure how I feel about Lisa. The way they attacked Kim even though even Kyle was taking Kim’s side and trying to mend their sisterly love.

I also would LOVE to see Kim stand up for herself more.
All the girls sure did love to point out that Kim never stood up for Kyle, but did Kyle ever stand up for Kim?
Every time Kim and Taylor got into it, Kyle would be upset that Kim was just adding fuel to the fire.
So Kim was suppose to let Taylor feel that way toward her and just live with the awkwardness?
I especially love how Bravo NEVER showed the clip of Taylor actually saying ‘yes’ when Kim asked ‘oh, so she’s insecure?’ (I’m sure those most likely aren’t the exact quotes, but you get the point.)
They played the clip of it in various episodes, but never during the reunion.
But Taylor sure did bring up that Kim said it at every chance she could. Anything to make sure she was ‘mutual’ while also being a little bit of a cause of the drama.

I also hate that Kyle babies her older sister. Like when Kim tried to leave Taylor’s birthday party, where she obviously wasn’t welcomed, Kyle calls all the people she could and demanded that nobody let her leave the party.
That is her OLDER sister. Not her child.
In my opinion, Kyle needs professional help more than Kim does.

I just can’t wait to see if Kyle falls from her little ‘queen bee’ position.

I also wish Taylor weren’t going to be on season two. She reminds me of New Jersey’s Daniel to some extent. It’s pretty disgusting.

Oh well, I’m excited for season 2.

Sunday May 29th
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